May 15, 2011

V International Organ Festival “Catedral de Alcalá”
Sunday May 15, 2011, 17:30

Third concert of the Festival
Educational concerts for the whole family: “Your Majesty Organ”
With professors Liudmila Matsyura and María Ángeles Ferrer


 Video of the concert

Concert Chronic –
The gift

Capture the viewer’s attention, generate interest and make a lasting impression can only be achieved with a gift. On Sunday, May 15, the doors of the Cathedral and the infinite Master stories in his body, opened again to the strange gift that makes a story a while and generates the desire to return. Everything within the V International Organ Festival 2011 Alcala Cathedral.

The Cathedral was filled with children and families to enjoy a concert didactic beat out all the ingredients of a meeting memorable, led by two interpreters luxury: the international organization Liudmila Matsyura, artistic director of Festival and Maria Angeles Ferrer, best teacher of the year UNESCO-FAD. No doubt it would be difficult to find a more brilliant performers duo and in a state of grace. The overriding aim was to achieve that complex balance between educational, scientific and playful and, of course, everything is achieved with remarkable ductility and fluidity. The myth of Pan and Syrinx lifted the curtain and put Bach red carpet showing the mythical origin of “Your majesty of the organ,” which illustrated the concert title. Nothing was left out of account close, fun and deep instrument. The public’s cooperation was essential in the design of the concert, both by children and young people and adults, who always helped to deepen the essence and aura of poetic technique of the instrument.

The organ sounded splendid, brilliant, wearing an infinite range of colors and timbres that state as an Royal instrument and, of the Cathedral, as one of the best instruments of Madrid. The comments never left us without answering gaps, on the contrary enjoyed a plasticity and clearly worthy of the fairest praise without losing sight, idea of ​​generating excitement and wonder.

The session, designed to show the organ to the youngest, served the same way for the loyalty of the most experienced and overcome the occasional doubts. Great idea for a concert by the training organization, excellent selection of performers and great response from our viewers. And we already know that to convert the complex into simple need to have a gift.

Juan Francisco de Dios. Doctor of History and Science of Music

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