May 7, 2011

V International Organ Festival “Catedralde Alcala”
Grand Opening Concert

May 7, 2011, at 20:45

Opening by Via Magna Choir and Liudmila Matsyura – organ
Direction: Oscar Gershensohn

Here are held the first organ concert of the V International Festival “Catedral de Alcalá” 2011
Organ Concert by Festival Artistic Director Lyudmila MATSYURA, RUSSIA

Video of this concert

Given below is an account of this Inauguration concert by musicologist : D. Juan Francisco de Dios, Doctor in Musicology

Bright opening for the V International Organ Festival Cathedral of Alcala

Noting the central nave of the Cathedral Magistral of Alcala de Henares last Saturday, May 7, 2011, we see that this city is hungry for quality music and need big events like the International Organ Festival V Cathedral of Alcala. Wind, tide and rickety budget, the Festival launched an incentive-laden fifth edition and had a perfect start on Saturday.

The concert was divided into three distinct parts, meaningful and personality. The presence of Magna Way Choir directed by Oscar Gershensohn the first part dealt with the interpretation of the Magnificat for choir and organ by Felix Mendelssohn. The hope, the good work and the work of filling and musicality was transmitted to perfection by placing high first step to a festival that promises thrills. The second part was led by Liudmila Blancafort Matsyura and the organ that celebrates a decade of service of the Alcala. No one as our organist to get the most out of their chiaroscuro, records and musical combinations. The Britain’s Fanfare John E. Cook served to open the horizontal pipe and the interest of some attendees who packed the cathedral. The step is always majestic by J.S. Bach took us completely to the masterpiece of the concert, a technical milestone that few dare to take in a festival of this size. Prelude and Fugue on BACH theme of Franz Liszt, composer in the second centenary of his birth serves as a vital clue in the rest of concerts, made loud and emotional peak. The piano-type technical difficulties were gathered together an extraordinary wisdom in combining records to give the body a long way Blancafort. The teacher showed Matsyura passion and great musicality.

The third gave us a world premiere at the Festival provides a new triumph. The German composer and organist Krahforst Gereon, who had participated in the second edition of the Festival award ceremony was the score of his Symphony on a Hymn Partita for President of the Festival Alcalá, Juan Miguel Prim, and soon the public. Above and miscellaneous aesthetic trends, we stick with what it means for the festival and the city hosts a world premiere dedicated to all generously and office.

Brilliant first concert that leaves swords raised and meets only until next week, the thirst for music this city has and that each event becomes apparent to quality music, and the International Organ Festival Alcala Cathedral and is his own right, an essential reference.

He closed the Opening Concert of the V Festival, GEREON KRAHFORST (Germany) German organist and composer premiered the work of his own composition “Symphony on a Hymn Partita de Alcalá” dedicated to the Holy Children Just and Pastor – Patrons of the City of Alcala de Henares.

El V Festival de Órgano en la prensa y medios de comunicación


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