September 5, 2009

Saturday September 5, 2009
CATHEDRAL-MAGISTRAL of Alcala de Henares(Madrid)


Great Organ Recital in honor of the Virgin Mary

On the occasion of the Coronation canonical image of N ª S ª Virgen del Val patron of the city of Alcalá de Henares, the distinguished organist and concert of the Cathedral of Alcala LIUDMILA MATSYURA opened the events planned for this important event, offering a beautiful organ recital in honor of Our Lady the Virgin Mary. The recital took the Soprano Virginia Flames playing three famous works equally dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The concert was projected on a Big Screen for the company CayeCL-Video, HD camcorders with several closed-circuit TV, which facilitated the large audience that filled the whole church, to follow in detail the evolution of the organist. Among the audience were present the Bishop of the Diocese Bishop Juan Antonio Reig Pla, the Chaplain, Chairman and members of the governing board of the Brotherhood of Val, among others.

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A special moment as the Canonical Coronation of the Virgin del Val patron of our city, required to start with a great act in tune. The organ concert given by Liudmila Matsyura, fulfilled those expectations.

P. Díez López, Periodista y crítico musical

This virtuous international concert succeeded in passing the audience with her acting talent and a master of his own professionalism, the whole expression containing the works programmed for this great show.

Video of the concert

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