Christmas concert 2012

Saturday December 29, 2012 Cathedral Magistral de Alcalá de Henares at 21:00

The Cathedral was filled to full tonight to enjoy the Christmas concert of the Cathedral prepared by the temple organist Liudmila Matsyura and international concert organist. Also crowded to enjoy and see the projection of the concert on the big screen and the beautiful Christmas images that were projected during lectures prepared by Juan Miguel Prim, priest and episcopal vicar of culture and evangelization.
The joy of the Christmas party with music filled the temple and the hearts of the audience. It was a perfect combination of the beauty of the music, the powerful and brilliant organ sounds and the nice Christmas party with the image of the little baby Jesus placed on the altar of the Cathedral.
He finished the event with several songs of the mezzo-soprano Angela Castañeda, adding a nice touch to this beautiful and memorable concert.

Video – summary of the concert:

I – Presentation and fragments from Great Choir in re-major of A.Guilmant:

II – Fragments from christmas corals of J.S.Bach and Tocata of Th.Dubois

III – Fragments from works: Rondo alla Campanella of S.Karg-Elert and Pastoral Prelude of P.A.Yon:

IV – Angela Castañeda -mezzo-soprano, Liudmila Matsyura -organ
Works of A.Ponchielli, F.Mendelssohn and Holy Night

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